Portsmouth90 is now being replaced by a new project being run by Elephant in Scarlet CIC to record and preserve personal stories from all over the City of Portsmouth.

The Elephant is in the process of applying for a National Lottery grant to fund the project, which will be conducted at various locations around the city in 2022.

The Elephant has experience of running this type of project. See the STORY OF THE ELEPHANT page for details.

The Elephant will be looking for people who want to record their own stories or the stories of those that they know, and present them over the World Wide Web on a special "broadcast day". If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact us by email or phone or by filling in the contact form on our home page.

Here is Mary Verrier with her eye-witness account of the preparations made by Portsmouth nursing staff for casualties expected in the city after D-Day.


If you live or work in Portsmouth or if you have any connection with the city and would like to be interviewed then please fill in our contact form.