The Company

Elephant in Scarlet is a Community Interest Company (CIC), registered at Companies House on December 4th 2015. The company was set up to preserve as much of the cultural heritage of the people of Portsmouth as possible, by working with individuals and groups to create archives of personal and corporate histories in video format.

Our Products

Bespoke personal history videos

A unique gift to share with family and friends.
Beautifully packaged for presentation as anniversary or retirement gifts. 

Commissioned corporate history videos

For use as promotional material or for presentation at landmark celebrations.

Short edited videos

Suitable for use on websites or other media.

For further details or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements, please email us at

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Elephant in Scarlet remembers 

The harsh winter of 1962-3 is still a landmark in Portsmouth, as the Canoe Lake froze solid. The lake is sea water and therefore freezes at a much lower temperature than fresh water. The winters of more recent years have started to become colder again but 1962-3 is still, as yet, unmatched by anything in the 21st century.

Elephant out of the Cell

The Elephant has unfortunately had to pack its trunk and move out of Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard Cell Block for the time being, but we still maintain a special relationship with the Dockyard and its museums.